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Wendall dating

This line of reasoning persuades her to remain at the lab.Season 1 Episode 17, "The Skull in the Desert", reveals that, for "three weeks out of the year, Angela has a boyfriend and a vacation." Angela's first revealed steady boyfriend, Kirk, is a "pseudo-famous photographer" who lives in the desert of New Mexico.Throughout the series, Angela Montenegro is described as a "free spirit", "good-time girl" and is a "wild-child" at heart.She is shown to be more socially "normal" than her coworkers at the Jeffersonian, and seems to not consider herself a scientist like the other "squints", instead on multiple occasions referencing facial reconstruction as an "art".

Angela later asked Hodgins if she could sleep at his place one night after being spooked by restored video footage, and soon they were openly involved.

After a few episodes of palpable sexual tension, Hodgins finally asked Angela on a date in the episode "The Girl with the Curl".

While their date was quite successful, Angela broke it off fearing repercussions if things went badly.

Their time spent together led them to re-examine their relationship, and why they broke up.

When a judge arrived to post their bail, they were finally married in a civil ceremony with the sheriff as witness.

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This is because Angela wants to wait until after the first trimester and Hodgins wants to reveal the pregnancy when the time is right.