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Instead, she was born in India to an Indian mother and an Anglo father.Rather than disown her mother, Oberon passed her parent off as a servant.“I thought I had the greatest genes in showbiz,” Channing remembered.John Gavin was born John Anthony Golenor Pablos in Los Angeles.Channing said she never felt ashamed of her black roots.Rather, she believed her black ancestry made her a good performer because of the common stereotype about blacks being naturals at singing and dancing.As such, several movie stars who weren’t solely of European heritage worked to adjust their appearances so they ​passed for white in film, their personal lives, or both.Fast forward to modern days, and many actors today are bi-racial but still pass for white.

Known for being a gay rights advocate, Channing didn’t reveal her African American ancestry to the world until 2002, when she released her memoir, "Just Lucky I Guess," at the age of 81.In real life, Washington refused to deny her heritage, advocating for blacks in entertainment.Married for a time to black trombonist Lawrence Brown, the only time Washington reportedly passed for white is to buy snacks from the establishments that refused to serve her husband and his bandmates because of their skin color.He has Irish and Mexican ancestry and speaks Spanish fluently.Unlike Anthony Quinn, who was also half-Mexican and played characters of various ethnic backgrounds, Gavin consistently played white characters during his tenure in Hollywood.

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Kelly has certainly faced a lot of scrutiny for his alleged actions with underage girls, but back in the '90s he had an odd relationship with up-and-coming R&B singer Aaliyah.