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Who is ayumi hamasaki dating

She hated the idea of following rigid rules and so she started skipping classes.When she confessed this to Matsuura, she expected he’d write her off, but he suggested sending her to New York for some real training.However, till the present day, Ayumi remains an enigma and is frequently misunderstood by many.Ayumi was born on the 2nd October in 1978 in Fukuoka Prefecture.Hamasaki started modelling merely at the age of seven for a bank, to help to earn money for her family.During high school she started dyeing her hair and wearing short skirts, which gave her the reputation of being a delinquent.

For these reasons, Hamasaki was an introverted, mature child who preferred to stay on her own.

Before making her debut with avex, Hamasaki attempted to enter the entertainment industry in many ways.

She moved to Tokyo alone at the age of 14 and took up modelling with the talent agency SOS, but she was considered to be too short to a professional model.

Because of her mother’s job, Ayumi grew up in a different environment than most kids of her age did.

Her mother couldn’t pick her up from school and she had a rather liberal discipline system.

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