Who is chuck bass dating Chat ruleta erotica

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Who is chuck bass dating

Although this form of control originally extended only to their “victims,” it soon came into play with their actual romantic relationship.Fans watched as the two tried to “one-up” each other on various occasions and made frivolous bets against one another.

As the teens of the wealthy NY families try to deal with school and family, Gossip Girl actively reported on the juiciest stories of the week.Whereas some fans saw this behavior as nothing serious, others recognized the signs of an unhealthy relationship being promoted on TV.Even today, many fans stay divided on whether they were “relationship goals” or a cry for help.Chuck always had that look of pure intensity whenever he flexed that thing and, wow, I am speechless.This Gif is almost just as hot as the other thing he was so iconic for, which was to say his name.

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The romance between Chuck and Blair seemingly came out of nowhere.