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And then he comes to her hotel room while I'm still there. In the next couple of weeks, the nonexistent couple gets items in USA Today, the New York Post and People. I went out for one night, and I'm thrust into this weird, rock-star charade heavy thing." He feels used."Y'know," Love had said to me before Buckley came to pick her up that night, "sometimes I would love to just put out my music and have people leave me alone so I could go to see Hamlet with Jeff Buckley, and you might not hear a word about it."Ordinarily, there's only one response to such an utterance.

And then they go to Hamlet, and brilliantly, Love stops to ask directions from — get this — a professional photographer. Buckley ends up being thoroughly freaked out by the experience — so much so that he calls me from England to try to clear his name. That response is "Yeah, right." But Love is more complicated than that.

Buckley is a sensitive sort and more than a little naive. She doesn't have to distinguish between the crazy things that happen to her and the crazy things she makes happen.

She's perfectly capable of encouraging photographers herself and then feeling put upon when they start taking pictures.

Being back in the city, I threw myself back in the music scene. It was Neptune, of course, in his guise as the god of rivers, who eventually swallowed Jeff Buckley up. I wonder what more Buckley could have made if he’d lived. I can't remember if it was her or someone else in the same piece who said the father was jealous of Jeff's rising career and it had caused a rift in their relationship.He once said of their relationship " she was 37, I was 21....it was never gonna work out."Once they broke up he became a moderate sleep around and drama queen of a lover. My BF went to NYU for grad school and I moved back there after leaving in 1988 when i graduated from there. Yet he seemed pulled by otherworldly channels----as he died by drowning. DISTANT would describe him to me."He never really had a place that was home (Neptune on the IC, that floating Moon), except possibly in his head. Marianne Faithful talked about him in a story I read. She had nothing but beautiful things to say about him. He seemed a bit cool and unlike a water sign to me. I was intrigued but never really LOVED his music or vibe. His lyric is "Always hated him for the way he looked in the gaslight of the morning".

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