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Who was jonathan brandis dating when he died

In seemingly no time at all, Jonathan found himself in countless commercials.His parents supported his ambitions and the family moved to Los Angeles, where Jonathan made his mark performing several television guest spots and made his entry into the movie world in films such as Stephen King's "It" and "The Neverending Story 2".Despite receiving 4,000 pieces of fan mail a week from around the world, he took every opportunity to return a letter to fans or sign a photo wherever possible.He even had his own advice column in teen magazines and enjoyed a tremendously positive reputation. Jonathan's run as the boy genius with the pet dolphin aboard Sea Quest ended, and Jonathan found himself struggling for parts.During the 90s, his longterm girlfriend at the time was Tatyana Ali from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and he was proud of his interracial romance (Unfortunately, even by today's standards you don't see that often).

I am reminded of one of my all-time favorite films, 1950's "Sunset Boulevard", which gave us the iconic character of Norma Desmond - the aging film star forgotten by the world who mentally unwinds in her Sunset Blvd mansion after discovering the extent of her public neglect.

She said Jonathan was the light of her life and would be, and sent a laminated card of Jonathan in his later years, smiling, with the dates of his birth and death.

Above his picture, the card was titled "Fade to Black: Gone but far from forgotten".

By the time his friends found him, he was unconscious, and died from his injuries the following day.

The only magazine that took the time to remember his life in any way was People magazine, who wrote a half-page article on him.

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This was in the days before blogging had become all the rage, and while reading news on the E!