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Wisconsin ems license updating

Both of these processes are further explained on the Late Renewal webpage.To be eligible for recertification as an Advanced Emergency Medical Technician/AEMT health care provider, you must complete the following eligibility and training requirements as required by DHS 110.07: To be eligible for recertification as an EMS health care provider with TEMS endorsement, you must complete the following eligibility and training requirements as required by DHS 110.07 for your core license level.Name change questions should be sent to: [email protected] is the responsibility of the certificate/license holder to keep address information current with the EMS office.Renewal notices and other important information will be sent to you at the address (and/or e-mail address) on file.Notice: The decal at the bottom of the emergency medical services plate changed from "Emergency Medical Technician" to "Emergency Medical Services" effective November 1, 2017.

The mission of the Wisconsin Emergency Medical Services (EMS) program is to ensure that the highest quality and standards of pre-hospital emergency medical care are available to all Wisconsin citizens and visitors.Under DHS 110.16 (C), there is a fee for returned renewal notices.Mail sent by the Wisconsin EMS Section is not forwarded with a forwarding order through the post office. ​On the Civilian License Plate Information and Application MV2652, check which option you would like us to follow if your request is not available. Visit Personalized plate search​ to find out if your choice for a personalized license plate is available.Wis DOT may refuse to issue, or may recall after issuance, a request that may be offensive to good taste or decency, misleading or conflicts with any other license plate.

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Note - If your license is expired, you have 6 months in which to renew your license by following the Late Renewal process.