Wow armory not updating guild

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Wow armory not updating guild

- Fixed a Lua error when visiting merchants selling recipes.- The amount of gold displayed in various places is now shown with a thousands' separator.This fixes the spam of events you were maybe getting at logon.Just open your calendar on the affected alts, and you will be fine.) - Fixed several smaller issues (Thanks Alex SUCF !!

For example with the alts that I logged in right after Bf A launch, to trigger the earning of rest xp, and did not play anymore for many days.

- Fixed guild bank counters being displayed in the tooltip for guild banks from other factions, when the options were set not to display them. ) - Reorganized several achievement categories (Thanks Alex SUCF !!

) - Added Legion Fishing Masters reputations (Thanks Alex SUCF !!

- Some quest achievements for Bf A were rearranged to better reflect a character's progress.

I found out that on at least two of my alts, the rest xp returned was beyond the maximum rest XP.

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Some fixes to work around API changes are too time consuming, so cleaning is required. How to support Altoholic's development : - Use the donate button either on Curse or on Wo W Interface - Support me on Patreon : https:// , the page is still being setup, it might take a few days before it can be used, I still need a banner. It turns out that while there was no issue in the calculation itself, there was an issue in displaying it.

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