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So keeping the production value very high is important. The next projects we do from this day forward, we can ride the coattails of "The Guild." We have the fanbase, so we can do the online buzz, but we also have the fans from "The Guild" and "Legend of Neil" to take advantage of, too.

CNN: What's the difference between a nerd and a geek? I envision this, I don't know if this is right or not, but a nerd to me is a guy who like in high school has pimples and maybe glasses and sort of socially awkward.

While UMAMI in the past allowed us to keep track of members and characters across multiple games, guild management in most games has allowed to no longer need an application tool.

Wo W is still a challenge with our many co-guilds so a quick app in the system allows us to best get invites coordinated and guild member lists up to date.

Whereas a geek to me is anybody who's doing something that's not the general norm. I've always thought of nerd as someone who's into nerdy stuff, pop culture stuff like comics. Parikh: For me, I feel like a nerd is more knowledgeable about their geekdom.

You may look at it and think, "oh, this is just a Web show," but then you see, "this is a Netflix show," and it's on a DVD. You watch it on your TV, and it's shot very well, it's lit well, and it can look like a TV show, really, or a movie.

So, to be in the same breath as, you know, Justin Bieber and all these people and to watch our video climb the charts ... CNN: Fans will want to know, what did Zaboo do with the dancers once it was all over?

Becker: We've done the work, and now it's the fans who are deciding and buying. Parikh: With the hour that I had them for, or the 58 minutes that I had left on the clock?

GW2 can make use of UMAMI to get your account added even when you are offline. For Wo W, once approved, join the AIELFO Blizzard Community and the officers there will get you invited in game.

When you join UMAMI you will create a login that will be used when accessing multiple sign in locations so make sure that it's appropriate. For non-Wo W/GW2 games, simply jump into Discord and find either the game division channel for question and discussion and any specific join details (EVE is a bit more complicated for example) or jump in the #LFO (looking for officer) channel and ask for an invite there.

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But if that stuff was out in high school, I would have been toast. Lewis: Yeah, I've been switching over to XBox and DS and PSP Parikh: We sound like total ... Now that "The Guild" and "The Legend of Neil" have momentum behind them, is it easier now than it used to be?

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