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Online Dating: First Date Do's and Don't's Any first date can be extremely tense and stressful whether its a date that youve set up online or offline.

Many times youll act too shy or insecure to even be considered for that second date.

This can be attributed to a few factors including social networking, the increase of people that are online, and the efficiency that these sites provide for their clients.

It has become very easy to signup at multiple Online dating sites, setup a profile, and begin looking for matches.

You want to stick with the larger sites because the more people there are, generally the more likely it is you will find the perfect match.

After you try out a few different sites you will determine which ones to buy memberships to and over time you will start collecting a list of potential dating partners.

The more interest that you show in the date the more fun youll have and the more chance there will be for future dates. A first date doesnt need to revolve around the movies or dinner.

Have a list of questions in your head that you can pull out when there is too much silence.

Almost every week there seems to be a new statistic produced that tries to top the last one.

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Unlike other dating sites, faith and values are built into our community, and are more than just a box you check in your search filter.

This page is an attempt by me to organize the vast majority of online dating related statistics and facts available on the Internet.

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Begin chatting online via email and social messaging to see if they make the first cut.