Yamapi dating maki

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He did everything by himself, like choosing the background and all.

Akane sighed for the second time, and glanced at the clock on her table, it was exactly 5 minutes before midnight. She looked at the small frame near the clock, with a cute purikura of them together, she smiled, it was a sweet moment back then.She watched the rain outside and thought, “Damn, we will definitely late! ” she took out her keitai, opened it, and the screen was pure black, the battery was out! She doubted whether to use it or not, she knew that it’s not polite to look around someone else’s phone, even if it’s his boyfriend!But she has no other choice, she opened the keitai, and smiled to see the Doraemon wallpaper inside.“The story of my life, must share my boyfriend with an anime character.” she said to herself.She opened the mailbox and before writing the new message, suddenly a new mail was coming in! ” and so she couldn’t think clear and asked for explanation.

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