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I’m Maria, a Life and Dating Coach working with female clients Internationally.

Is it just you, or is that guy that you awkwardly stumbled into on your first day on the job getting cuter by the minute?

“A guy I worked with had been asking me to hang out after work a lot, and the only time that I let it happen was at a party with all of our co-workers together,” she said. “Honestly,” she said, “if you have to see someone everyday, and one person expects more from the other, it creates an air of animosity that will make doing your job super uncomfortable.” 2. So Be Wary Of Letting It Guide You When Nicole moved across the country last year looking for a blank slate and a new start, she had no idea that all of her “firsts” would be shared with someone else.

Wondering why you can’t seem to get your ex — or the breakup — out of your mind? In this video, relationship coach and Your Tango Expert J.

We ran out of things to talk about, and just got on each other’s nerves all the time.” They decided to break up the living situation a bit by inviting another friend of Nicole’s to move in around seven months into the relationship, but the fix didn’t last and they broke up a few months later.

“When you date someone you work with, you have to know that you’re at risk of everyone knowing the personal details of your relationship and having them gossip behind your back,” Nicole said.

Cameron Gantt shares his advice on what to do if you can’t move on from your ex.

He will also help you gain clarity as to whether you should rekindle your romance or finally move on.

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