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And even though it seems he has an easy time making friends with women, dating them is another issue entirely.

They both clash at this, but I think it’s partly the fact that they both respect each other and one another’s passions — Penny joining him for a Dn D game and Walter talking to her about books — that they manage to work it out in the end.

Lucky Penny is co-created by one of my favorite artist and writer teams, Yuko Ota and Ananth Hirsh, who also create the webcomic Johnny Wander plus many other independent comics and collaborations.

She wants Walter to be the initiator, the one that provides the romance in her life, but the fact remains that no relationship can be one of take alone. He may be more reserved but he can be just as passionate about his interests whether it be Dn D or literature.

And I think we can see half or all of this in both main characters.

Penny has always been an outspoken lover of romance novels, especially the ones with the shirtless, bustier-ripping men on the covers.

There were a few jokes especially at the start that would not have landed as well if it was not for the pacing, such as when Penny realized she packed away the keys to their car.

There were also scenes where heavily minimalist splashes and spreads helped nail the depression Penny was facing over her problems with Walter.

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